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Great friends possible roommates

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Finding a roommate on Craigslist—or more specifically, finding a good roommate on Craigslist—is a mix of common sense and luck.

And for as many Craigslist roommate horror stories there are, there are just as many success stories. Thinking of trying it out yourself?

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Here are eight tips for finding a roommate on Craigslist that you should be sure to follow. The world is ppssible of all different kinds of people, and so is the Craigslist housing section.

Perhaps you only want to live with someone the same gender as you, of someone who is a similar age or who has a similar lifestyle. Whatever the parameters are that define Great friends possible roommates ideal roommate, come up with them before you start searching so you can easily identify prospects with the most potential.

Instead, create a new email account that you Great friends possible roommates use just for Craigslist, which in addition to keeping your information safe will also help you stay organized.

There seems to be two extremes in terms of freshman roommate: the best friend This is the kind of friend you're most likely to find in a roommate, except unlike. Trying to force a best-friend relationship will only cause strain and discomfort for If you really are friends with your roommate, you can also likely talk to them. The relationships and expectations are different with friends and roommates. It's possible to be great friends with someone for years and not be.

If someone responds to your post ready to move forward without requesting any more information, consider friendd a red Great friends possible roommates as well. Finding a roommate on Craigslist necessitates a keen eye for spotting people who are trying to scam you, but as long as you stay aware and stay smart, you should have no trouble seeing right through them.

Ask potential roommates to friend you friebds social media Connecting on social media is a good Great friends possible roommates to get a better feel for who a Wife wants nsa Littleton Common is, and it also allows you to see if you have any friends in common. While everyone curates their social media presence to a degree, Great friends possible roommates can still tell a lot about a person by who they are on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Pick Great friends possible roommates public place to meet up, like a diner or frriends shop, and consider bringing a friend along with you. Does one person want to front for utilities and have the other person pay them back? Do you want to split grocery costs or each just buy your own food?

Let's analyze the pros and cons of rooming with a buddy. It's up to you to determine which side you agree with most and what's best, given your particular . questions to ask a potential roommate. Christian Vierig/Getty If you don't, ask your previous roomie or your best friend. This is a growth. Trying to force a best-friend relationship will only cause strain and discomfort for If you really are friends with your roommate, you can also likely talk to them.

Always Great friends possible roommates your gut You can absolutely find a great roommate on Craigslist, but you can find plenty of bad roommates there too. Just be sure to go into your Craigslist roommate hunt with a very clear idea about what your ideal roommate is like so that when you find them, you know.

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