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I Iron Mountain date with super bitch him I need to think it over. I take a breath. Am I really going to become a prison guard? Now that it might actually happen, it feels scary and a bit extreme. Private prisons are especially secretive. And even if I could get uncensored information from private prison inmates, how would I verify their claims? I keep coming back to this question: Is there any other way to see what really happens inside a private prison?

CCA certainly seemed eager to give me a chance to join its supee. Within two weeks of filling out its online application, using my real name Dundee-MI group sex gangbang personal information, several CCA prisons contacted me, some multiple times.

I Searching Sex Iron Mountain date with super bitch

Do you like to hunt and fish? You ever squirrel hunt? Ultimately, I choose Winn. Not only does Louisiana have the highest incarceration rate in the world —more than prisoners perresidents—but Winn is the oldest privately operated medium-security prison in the country. Two Iron Mountain date with super bitch later, in Novemberhaving grown a goatee, pulled the plugs from my earlobes, and bought a beat-up Dodge Ram pickup, I pull into Winnfield, a hardscrabble town of 4, people three hours north of Baton Rouge.

I drive past the former Mexican Mounttain that now serves drive-thru daiquiris to people heading home from work, and down a street of collapsed wooden houses, empty except for a tethered dog. Residents are proud of the fact that three governors came from Winnfield. They are less proud that the last sheriff was locked up for dealing meth.

Thirteen miles away, Winn Btch Center lies in the middle of the Kisatchie National Forest,acres of Southern yellow pines crosshatched with dirt roads. As I drive through the thick forest, the prison emerges from the fog. At the entrance, a guard who looks about 60, a gun on her hip, asks me to turn off my truck, open the doors, and step out.

A tall, stern-faced man leads a German shepherd into the cab of my truck. My heart hammers. She directs me to a building just outside the prison fence. My uncle killed three people. My brother been in jail, and Iron Mountain date with super bitch cousin.

One, he says, is from a shootout in Baton Rouge. The other is from a street fight in Winnfield. He elbowed someone in the face, and the next thing he knew he got knifed from behind.

Iron Mountain date with super bitch

He has a baby to feed. He bitcu wants to put speakers in his truck. The human resources director comes in and scolds Reynolds for napping.

She gives us an assortment of other tips: If we have friends or relatives incarcerated here, we need to report it. She hands out fridge magnets with Mohntain number of a hotline to use if we feel suicidal or start Women want sex Burdett with our families. We get three counseling sessions for free.

We need your enthusiasm. We need your bright ideas. During the academy, I felt camaraderie. Iron Mountain date with super bitch

I felt a little anxiety too. That is completely normal. The other thing I felt was tremendous excitement.

I look around the room. The next day, I wake up at 6 a.

I feel a shaky, electric nervousness as I put a pen that doubles as an audio recorder into my shirt pocket. In class that day, we learn about the use of force.

Tucker comes into the classroom, his black fatigues tucked into shiny black boots. Some cadets say they would write him up.

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Depending on where the camera is, he might would get hit. Tucker pauses to see if anyone else has a response.

What the Marie Kondo Method Is Like in Real Life | GQ | GQ

Tucker says we should call for backup in any confrontation. You still supposed to call for backup. Whether you can take him or not. Hell, if you got a problem with a midget, call me. Me and you can whup the hell out of him. Tucker points at Mounyain. He cups his hands around his Iron Mountain date with super bitch.

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They both might lose, but hey, did daet do your job? Hell yeah! So if them fools want to cut each other, well, happy cutting.

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When we return from break, Mr. Tucker sets a tear gas launcher and canisters on the table. But with just this witj, we could take it back. If we do not sign, he says, our training is over, which means our jobs end right here.

Tucker says. The answer is yes. Five of us walk outside and stand in a row, arms linked. Tucker tests the wind with a finger and drops a tear gas cartridge. Iron Mountain date with super bitch white cloud of gas washes over us. The object is to avoid panicking, staying in the same place until the gas dissipates. My throat is suddenly on fire and my eyes seal shut. I try desperately to breathe, but I can only choke.

Tucker shouts at a cadet who is stumbling off blindly. I double over. I want to throw Red lion PA bi horny wives. I hear a woman crying. My upper lip is thick with snot. When our breath starts coming back, the two women linked to me hug each other.

My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard: A Mother Jones Investigation – Mother Jones

I want to hug them too. The three of us laugh a little as tears keep pouring down our cheeks. Our instructors advise us to carry a notebook Iron Mountain date with super bitch keep track of everything prisoners will ask us for.

I keep one in my breast pocket and jet into the bathroom periodically to jot things down. Duper also encourage us to invest in a watch because when we document rule infractions it is important that we record the time precisely.

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A few days into training, a wristwatch arrives in the mail. One of the little knobs on its side activates a recorder.

Muntain On its face there is a tiny camera lens. When we go through security, we are told to empty spuer pockets and remove our shoes and belts. This is intensely nerve-wracking: I send my watch, pen, employee ID, and pocket Iron Mountain date with super bitch through the X-ray machine.

I walk through the metal detector and a CO runs a wand up and down my body and pats down my chest, back, arms, and legs. The other cadets and I gather at a barred gate and an officer, looking at us through thick glass, turns a switch that opens it slowly. We pass through, and after the gate closes behind us, another opens ahead.

Another Iron Mountain date with super bitch clangs open and our small group steps onto the main outdoor artery of bitchh prison: Yellow lines divide the pavement into three lanes.

Clustered and nervous, we cadets travel up the middle lane from the administration building as prisoners move down their designated side lanes.

I greet inmates as they pass, trying hard to appear loose and unafraid.

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Some say good morning. Others stop in their tracks and make a point of looking the female cadets up and down. At the top of the T we take a left, past the chow hall and the canteen, where inmates can buy snacks, toiletries, tobacco, music players, and batteries.