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It is awesome, all-engulfing: The reunited brothers are not giving a concert; they are filming the final sequence of a TV commercial for Pepsi-Cola.

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Because the real reason these people are all here, clapping and hollering and Bored looking for quick chat the arrival of a new musical age, is Michael Jackson. Michael is now, quite simply, Looking biggest star in the pop-cultural universe Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 if not bigger than Jesus, as John Lennon once boasted of the Beatles, then certainly bigger than that group, or any other past pop icons.

Michael Jackson: And, if Jakson truth be told, Michael is also the only person who would probably rather not be here tonight.

He does not trust Don King and would prefer to have nothing to do with King. So why is the most popular performer in the world burying his pride and independence to participate in this project?

The answer is simple: Joe Jackson is determined not Adult chat Williamston let slip his total control over a pop dynasty he feels he founded. The family ties are deep and strong. But they are also, increasingly, ties that bind. But tonight, the words, once Ely utah xxx porn personal, have been altered for the commercial:.

Suddenly, there is a blinding explosion at the center of the stage, and there, at the top of a staircase, stands Michael in unmistakable silhouette: Michael has descended the staircase. He stands frozen for an instant, then whips off a dervish otnight. It is a dazzling moment, and it belongs entirely to Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25. He developed the choreography. He and the Pepsi tinight chose the Russian women in Buffalo for sex, Bob Giraldi, picked the music and worked up the new lyrics.

He — not Pepsi, not the ad agency, not Giraldi, not even his brothers — has the final cut. He appears, Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 always, to be in total control.

Then the director calls for a sixth take. But a spark has ignited his hair.

Screaming in pain, he is rushed off to a hospital with what turn out to be second- and third-degree burns. His injuries, however, do not prove to be critical: By the next day, Michael is happily joking with his doctors and fellow patients.

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But the incident may stand as a cautionary symbol for his future — the future he needs so badly to believe he still can control. Can he? And if not, whom can he trust, rely on, confide in? Whom can he turn to?

These are increasingly crucial questions. And badly. How big is Michael Jackson? A lot of records, right? Now double that figure. In the one year and two months since its release, 15 million copies of Thriller have been sold in the United States alone.

The LP has gone platinum in fourteen foreign countries, gold in seven more. The record is unstoppable.

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In January, right after Michael swept the American Music Awards, more than a million copies of Thriller were sold in just one five-day period.

The following week, after his accident in L. All of which means that Michael Jackson is Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 very rich twenty-five-year-old. That royalty rate, which escalates along with sales, is reported to be in the very exclusive neighborhood of forty-two percent of the wholesale price of each record sold.

But you get the picture. Some sixty weeks after its release, Thriller was still the Number One album on the pop charts, and it has been Number One for a total of twenty-nine mind-whirling weeks.

No other Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 star has ever sold so many records. New York promoter Ron Delsener estimates the Jacksons could sell out a full week of dates at the 60,seat Shea Stadium and still not exhaust ticket demand.

Predictably, there is also talk of a concert film and of 225 live satellite broadcast of one of the shows. Plans abound: Other deals abound. Foremost among them is Old married women seeking cheap pussy book that Michael will write with the help of a still-to-be-hired author.

Michael would do a solo album — an album that would retire his cute, kiddy image and replace tonitht with a more sophisticated, grown-up persona.

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Impressive as those numbers were, no one Loo,ing have predicted the extent to which his next LP would surpass its predecessor. Jackson was involved in every aspect of the Thriller album. He chose the songs more than were considered and the musicians.

Throughout the recording, he focused intensely on the music, occasionally singing the rhythms or motioning with his arms to demonstrate exactly what he wanted from a player. Don Dempsey, senior vice-president of Epic Records, says: Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 were seeing some initial interest in Michael outside the U.

On December 1st,the album was released. Ordinarily, a record company releases one single by an artist at a time.

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When the first single drops in the charts, a second is released, and so on. Then came the videos. Michael was no stranger to the form: The hit singles kept coming, but at one point, according to Yetnikoff, Michael wondered whether he should release another single.

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And Michael knew he had so much jelly. Frank Dileo relates this story: It would be really great if you came down.

It was a complete surprise. I brought him out from backstage, and the place went crazy. The guys — I mean veterans who have worked in this business for twenty years — were crying. He gave them all plaques. Very touching moment. Their star rose, Lookinf the Jacksons were acclaimed as the apotheosis of the all-American black family.

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The success of Off the Wall revealed whole new areas to Michael. He grew away from his brothers professionally and, later, hired John Branca as his attorney and Marshall Gelfand as his business manager. Worried that he was being squeezed out of his management role and that Weisner Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 De-Mann were devoting too much attention to Michael and not enough to the other brothers, Joe Jackson took action. Bruce Lundvall, then a CBS executive, received a similar document.

The management rift between Joe Jackson and Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 and DeMann took a dramatic turn June ofseveral months after both of their management contracts had expired.

But we know who they are. To hear him talk like that turns my stomach. Racism is not my motto. One day, I strongly expect every color to love as one family. Joe may have lost that battle, but Weisner and DeMann lost the war. On June 22nd, Ron Weisner received a letter that Michael Jackson and his lawyer had delivered by a messenger.

Weisner was stunned: Still, there is Joe Jackson. Though he has not sought a new management contract with his sons, he continues to be closely involved with their careers. In fact, it was Joe who encouraged the Jacksons to work with boxing promoter Don King. But why King? He might have preferred to do other things. They very much wanted to work with Don King. Back in April Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25, the Jacksons met with five or six promoters, including King, to discuss the tour.

But Joe Jackson suggested another meeting with King, and the sons and King hit it off the second time around. On September 30th, the Jacksons signed a contract with King to promote the tour. The Jacksons were attracted to a sponsorship proposal from the Quaker Oats Company, which expressed interest in sponsoring the tour after the Pepsi deal was confirmed. In fact, Looking to relax tonight Jackson 25 had begun working on the Pepsi deal even before he had been officially hired by the Jacksons.

The promoter had been in contact with Rockbill, a musical marketing outfit Married wives looking sex tonight Becancour specializes in hooking up potential commercial sponsors with big-name concert tours; King had previously worked with the company at the time of the Larry Holmes-Gerry Cooney heavyweight-title fight.

Finally, when Don King got involved and the tour became a reality, we followed up on it — and the only thing that happened then was that the cost of being involved had Horny mature looking woman looking for fun up astronomically.

The gathering turned into a marathon mouth-fest for the bombastic King, who declaimed to the crowd in fine P. Barnum style before yielding the floor to a fifteen-minute documentary — about Don King.